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Petra Laszlo is a piece of work.
For those who unaware, Laszlo is the Hungarian camerawoman who became a viral villain after footage of her kicking and tripping refugees along the Serbian border.
When the footage surfaced, people began to share harsh comments about Laszlo across the globe. Rather then take her public shaming in stride and disappear from social media, Laszlo has decided to fight back.
Laszlo plans to sue one of the people she kicked. Not only that, but she’s also going after Facebook. The details, via Mashable:
Laszlo told Izvestia that she plans to sue Facebook for allegedly refusing to remove threatening groups on the site while deleting groups that supported her. She has also directed her anger towards Osama Abdul Mohsen, one of the Syrian refugees she kicked, and says she plans to sue him.
He changed his testimony, because he initially blamed the police,” Laszlo said, though she can be clearly seen in two different videos kicking him. “My husband wants to prove my innocence. For him, it is now a matter of honor. it is now a matter of honor.”

Laszlo has a lot of nerve in this one.

For starters, she plans on suing one of the people she kicked. That's like punching someone in the face for no reason and suing for bruised hands after the assault.
Fellow Vinglers, does this lady make sense to you? Do you think she will walk away from this winning a settlement from Facebook?
What in the world? This psychopath got caught right handed on camera and now wants to make such ridiculous excuses to defend herself. Jeez, genius who granted you your journalism degree? It needs to be revoked you pathetic piece of useless human fece. She may have gotten away with kicking these people but try doing it to aggressive individuals she would definitely get beaten to a pulp instead.
Suing Facebook? Mark can do whatever he wants with Facebook, he owns it duhhh!
What scum. There is no way whatsoever that she wins this case. What a piece of work...
What the hell? When those people started to run, she was in the way and yet she kicked one guy and a little girl in the legs, just because someone else bumped into her. She tried an old man, what purpose was that serving? As a journalist, aren't they suppose to document what is going on and not get involved? Tripping that old man looked like she was getting involved helping border patrol.