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When it comes to telling a joke, timing is everything.

I wouldn't expect a professional comedian to overlook this pivotal factor in joke telling, but here we are.
Thursday night, 2016 Oscars host Chris Rock tweeted joke at the expense of Lamar Odom, who recently survived a overdose at the Nevada Love Ranch, and has since reconciled with his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian.
This one hit home.
The image above shows a link to the Instagram post and joke from Lamar Odom.
Some media outlets are shaming him for this one calling it too controversial. Fans across the globe seem to be wincing or laughing all over the place over this joke as well.
Regardless of how people feel about it, the joke has gone VIRAL on social media. Fellow Vinglers, is it too soon to poke fun at Lamar over this one?
I feel like I'm still in shock that this past week in his life even went down. So crazy how things have been for both him and Khloe.
Yeah, I think it is. The man isn't even out of the ICU yet, ffs.
That is so messed up
@danidee and I'd tell everyone else to shove it if they had an opinion about it, myself. But that's just me being protecticve of those I love, I reckon.
@danidee can you even imagine?! It's so sad. I'd be beside myself if that was my husband.