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Star Wars is here to stay
If you aren't watching Star Wars rebels you are missing out on one of the best tv shows in history. It has every thing a person like watching good action and good story to go with it.
Oh, my god. I just started watching this from the beginning. I'm actually really enjoying it. Who's your favorite Rebel so far?
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I don't remember his name I think zed he is my favorite I feel he need to have a bigger presence in the show. The bounty hunter girl also she is just awesome i feel she can bet anyone
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@Robeazzy, totally. That girl is sick, she's always jumping and flipping around, haha. I'm really starting to like Kanan, the guy that's training Ezra to be a Jedi. At first I didn't like him, but he's starting to grow on me, haha
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@paulisaghost yeah more ahsoka tano would be nice but the season is just getting started. now all we need is a boba fett to show his face and this show will be more awesome.
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@Robeazzy, oh yeah when Ahsoka showed up at the end of the last season, I nearly lost it, I got so hype. But you're right, if Boba Fett shows up, I'll probably freak out at my screen hahaha
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