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Omg have u heard of this song?? Its called What Is Love and its literally angels singing in my ear!!!

Baekhyun's voice is pure heaven and DO just blows me away!!! Why are they so good???

I'm literally in tears right now!!!! T^T What do you guys think of their duet?

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I have not only heard it I perform this masterpiece at least a million times a day haha this is seriously my favorite exo song ever! I love all there songs but this one...this one is just so beautiful d.o and Baekhyun are amazing together and this song is the type of song that literally needs a performance whenever its on because one does not simply sing it quietly haha
the mandarin one is good but nothing compared to this
@Marilovexoxo I agree. This song actually made me finally notice Baekhyun. His voice and DO's makes me cry every time
ive always noticed baekhyun and hes my second bias of the group but this song really made me love him and it made me fall in love with D.O, anytime I hear them I seriously die inside there soo perfect
I feel you girl, I'm honestly in tears as well. Their voice is like an eargasm. And then Kai goes and does those dance moves. So much talent in one group, daebak!