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If TMNT Was an Anime
This is fantastic
literally B R I L L I A N T
Of course they're attractive I can't help looking at them and wishing it was real

looking really hard

Creds to the actual artist!
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so your saying they should be afriad of turtles? sorry I just dont think they're turtley enough for the turtle club
2 years ago·Reply
@JayAndre When did I say... Okay, ya know, it's really just a few drawings and an idea someone had. It's okay if someone doesn't agree with it, but don't try and diss it. You see how much love it's receiving.
2 years ago·Reply
ney I was crack fun. I in no way am dissing this at all. if anythi g bring it on the plot would probably go further.
2 years ago·Reply
sorry I thought the batman thing was funny cuz batman is batman because he wanted to strike fear in tbe hearts of evildoers and was afraid of bats. again I am sorry if I have offended you.
2 years ago·Reply
@JayAndre Oh, I'm sorry too! I didn't really think it was all that serious, and I wasn't offended by it :). I tend to overanalyze too lol
2 years ago·Reply