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Ridiculously Annoying Rappers compared to Impacting Naruto Villains
First off, I wanna point out that J Cole and Kendrick are like Naruto and Sasuke, the groundbreaking protagonists who defeated the most overpowered, chaining up the ladder (being said has potential to defeat these annoying artists.
Orochimaru x Nikki Minaj: I can say for one, Nikki Minaj popped out the dirt ass of Coney Island, Brooklyn (Im also from Brooklyn but, screw it.) Coming out with weird and pointless videos that destroyed the hip hop genre, always trying to experiment retarded styles and lame acts with messages of no meaning. Just like how Orochimaru always conducted experiments with jutsu trying to take over the shinobi world, but failed. Makes sense?
Pain x Lil Wayne: Its always a pain to hear him around in media. (Get it??) Lame pun. Constantly repetitive and giving blood clots to your brain, Lil Wayne's music is plain garbage. He single handedly DESTROYED the rap game with one single, just like Pain destroyed the Hidden Leaf, with Chibaku Tensei. Pain always talked about how he was butthurt in pain OVER, AND OVER AGAIN. Just as Lil wayne raps about his money, slutty girls, and Trukfit OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
Madara Uchiha x Drake: Now getting a little nitty gritty in the dirt. Madara Uchiha, one of the most powerful shinobi, and one of the most crucial antagonists to the story of Shippuden. Drake. At the top of the rap game (because people praise rich rappers who praise materialistic meaning and stupid dancing) going left and right as if he can destroy anyone. Think of Madara and Guy Sensei (Drake vs Meek Mill) -----------> Meek Mill gave his all to end Drake, but somehow Drake came on top. As if he has the power of the Ten-Tails in him. Thats just crap. Now its just him at the top. But now, think of this. Madara was underpowered by one person... meaning there will be another annoying rapper to come up top above Drake.
If Kaguya overpowered Madara, imagine what stupid f*** will be above Drake? I can only wait to find out. (Hint the Sarcasm.)
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@LadyExperiment you sound very foolish, and you have no idea what your talking about. your even more annoying than this post. your making a hasty generalization based on the small amount of rap you've heard and its totally wrong and an insult to the craft of arts. the only way you can make the statement you made is if you've heard ALL rap to say ALL rap is the same... pure ignorance! go and read a book or something.
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@tslash0 I listen to a lot of old school hip-hop. That includes Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, Beastie Boys, The Fugees. I can go on for days. And some pretty recent artists such as Kid Cudi, Hopsin, Earl Sweatshirt, Nas, Cassidy, and surpisingly Drake, but more his underground music from before he became ridiculously successful. However, it was a joke to have a crack-up. It wasnt meant to be taken seriously. @LadyExperiment, I understand where you're coming from to an extent. You see, I listen to a lot of rock too. And just like old school rap, I listen to 70's and 80's Rock. Bands we know well such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Styx, Lynard Skynard, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Billy Joel, The Steve Matthews Band. Im deep in with music, but I search for relative meaning and interpret it. Believe it or not, I write lyrics myself. I can't say Im good because Im not another person. I write, and discuss topics that go on in the world and how we can change it, life experiences both light and dark, random topics with decent comparisons and groundbreaking life changes Ive made. In a way, I plan to put my productions out with a goal to change the perspective of Hip-Hop. I seen an interview with R.A. the Rugged Man, and he stated that Hip-Hop changed. Nobody listens to it for life interpretation or because they love and respect Hip-Hop itself, but rather the fact that they listen to artists who are up top and have money. Mainstreamers enjoy hearing the same messages I guess, but with me, I like to go deep, thinking there's a vast world. @RodneyYoung @Josuawhaley @BossDominata Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
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@daddyvladdy I apologize for my post, I didn't realize how rude it was and its waaay out of my character to comment the way I did. Also I appreciate that your response wasn't negative, last thing I want to do is have a fight with words with someone I don't even know. I was having a bad day at work, seen this on my break and took my frustration out here. Once again thank you for your kindness. I appreciate you taking the time to educate me on your intentions and your understanding of rap music. I am also a rapper so I took offense to what LadyExperiment said when rock is also known for its massive drug and sex, but I do want to apologize to you as well @LadyExperiment, even though I meant what I said, the insults could have been eliminated. everyone has their own opinions and should have the right to voice them.
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@tslash0 I apologize as well. I tend to focus on the negative side of rap and tend to forget about the good rap music. I personally just have never liked it because of personal reasons in my past which I do not wish to share on the internet.
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this is horrid.
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