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This is my submission of this week's {Twisted Thursday} Challenge
So! We have all thought about how our lives would be if we could swap with another person or in this case anime character! I've loved games and played them even before I learned how to crawl. My pick is any character from "Sword Art Online", but to put an example, I will go with Kirito-kun~
The fact that in their time, they can actually play with their whole body and mind is good enough reason for me to want this.
My favorite genre is RPG (JRPG to be specific). I love raiding, grinding and fight epic bosses and pretty much all games in SAO are RPG's, no way I'm gonna let the opportunity to play RPG's like them pass up.
As I said in the beginning, I would just swap with any character from SAO. But Kirito would be the best pick, I mean you are pretty much the strongest player whatever you play. Also he has that unique Dual-Wield skill which I choose as my class in pretty much any RPG I play.
There's my pick, I do feel a lot of people would do the same~ Can't wait to see your picks. Will you choose a character who focuses on romance, an assassin, or like me, a gamer!
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Do u one better Han Jeehan from the gamer
2 years ago·Reply
@MaighdlinS Yus! I hope I don't die before VR becomes that good T^T @SterlingH89 I didn't understand what you mean :S
2 years ago·Reply
read the gamer manga basically the main character gets exp and levels up doing everyday things
2 years ago·Reply
@SterlingH89 Ah I see. Will check it out then
2 years ago·Reply
I agree
2 years ago·Reply