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So I decided to watch the Airnb video of GD being the most amazing, sweetest and most beautiful host ever! And I was hesitant at first because yes I was semi jealous that people in the US couldnt enter, but I of course was curious so I watched it....bad idea it was soo sweet and he was probably the best host ever! I was extremely happy for them and you can tell they had an amazing time but while watching this video I realized something. ......

GD has seriously ruined my life!

I kid you not when I first started watching the video I had to stop it halfway because I was shedding some serious thug tears and I have no clue why..maybe its the mear sight of him that just gets me or the fact that I was semi jealous that I may never meet Jiyongi idk but i feel like before he ruined my life but I could still function and be a normal human bean...now especially after I saw him last week ive been a wreck and its horrible ....Idk how to even describe it...like I hate him for making like this but at the same time im happy its weird and at this point I seriously dont think this is normal haha im GD trash and its a serious life struggle
I cried but the best part for me was being able to see the fans smile.
@Marilovexoxo I feel the same way...Sometimes I get so sad that I will never be able to see GD or BigBang at all. i feel like I miss my only chance to see them at concert and it just hurts me
I wish I could hang and meet GD😭😭😭 those fans are lucky!!😭😭
@JohnEvans yeah I atleast was lucky enough to see them I almost wasnt gonna go because of how expensive everything was but I did and im happy about that and grateful it just sucks having the person/group right in front of you but you cant talk to them or anything and @tazzypoo lol the bad thing for me is me and GD arent too far in age and I try to tell myself that but for some odd reason my brain shuts all that out and floods my brain with GD feels
i didn't want to watch it but i did! made me cry! i wish i could meet and hang out with GD! 😢😭 lucky for those fans!
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