2 years ago1,000+ Views its not by me but this is one of my favorite foods... Any ingredients you can't find, try your local Asian food store. There is almost always one at least in every major city. Anyone going to Korea, you NEED to have galbi there... you'll be hooked
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I always got the extra spicy seafood&chicken from 유가네. omg. the delicious memories. and that sweet green radish you eat with it 😷😷 so good!!! and the macaroni with mayo!!!!!! take me back!!
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Hey it's eyk. Haha, Martina made Galbi?
2 years ago·Reply
OMG this looks INCREDIBLE @RobertMarsh. I need to try!! I've never tried cooking Korean style food before... is it difficult?
2 years ago·Reply
its really delicious, healthy and not that difficult to make @allischaaff
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