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My Favorite Under-Rated KDrama Actor

Lee Hyun-Woo

If you've ever watched To The Beautiful You then you know my struggle!! He gave me a serious case of second-male lead syndrome >_< He had such great acting!! I definitely recommend this drama too. @kpopandkimchi here's my card :)
He's just so cute!!!
And sometimes sexy even❤❤❤

Awww I just love him so much... ❤

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@4m4nd41op3z Yes!! @PrettieeEmm I actually haven't seen that movie.. I want to so bad though!! @VeronicaArtino I know right ❤
Secretly greatly made me cry so much and laugh I loved how the played the flash back in the end how much I teared up that night
I first saw him in a drama called Master of Study. His character broke my heart regularly.