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If YG was going down it was in the works way before iKON. YG has a bad habit of making fans wait and his artist barely put out anything and don't really appear on variety or anything so what did they expect to happen? For people to just wait around and stay loyal because they're YG? I personally love the artists of YG but that have GOT to do better to keep up. This whole situation kind of reminds me of when they tried to blame BigBang for the low ratings that Happy Together got when they appeared on it. iKON was a group anticipated since they lost WIN and even though they took forever to finally debut, they haven't really even showed us enough to decide how popular they really are. I feel like they were held to too high a standard from even before debut because they're YG. I personally like them but I don't have enough to go on to know that they're really a group I like like that.
What are you guys thoughts on this?
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I personally domt think its ikons fault I just think yg has a tendency to wait too long to release things and I get it he wants them to be perfect but if you dont do anything eventually people arent gonna be interested