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"(J-)Hope gives me strength" J-Hope gives both BTS and me strength and happiness just by simply existing. I know that he can be a little (extremely) weird sometimes, but he makes me happy all the time! I really like his voice-- talking, singing, and rapping. It's really calming and in a way, comforting. It's like J-Hope has a really cool side of him that makes me see the true man in him underneath all that silliness No potential drama or controversy intended but-- J-Hope kind of reminds me of Infinite's Dongwoo. When I watch both of them, I think to myself.. "Is he a genius.. or a complete idiot?" xD Anyway, I hope J-Hope (hope hope Lol) stays just the way he is, just the way ARMYs like him to be! Thanks, Hoseok, for being the way you are! ā¤ā¤ā¤
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