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After that sleepless night, he became more determine to find out about the amulet. When he grab the amulet back, he's back on the track. Back to the seoul 2012 and finally (it's about the time, or I'll scream to writer-nim to reunite them fast) he regained his memories with Hee Jin. (I almost cried seeing his teary eyes). Finally, he came to the promises place (but it was too late for that sir). Finally we could see his smile again (almost faint everytime he smiles). In the end, i love how PD-nim took the scene when our fated couple stares at each other while he's in the crowd. (whoaaa... i think Hee Jin was burst into happy mode that time, proved that she is not crazy after all). Now, I can't do nothing expect waiting for next week episode. Aaahh, what a lovely drama to watch after seeing an intense The King 2 Heart.