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Does anyone else in this page like Myname? and if you do who's your bias? mine are chaejin and junq but then omg they all mess up my list!!!
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@alekxb5 yess they're all perfect!!!💕 and same i love their Japanese songs , well i love all their songs!!😻💘
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It's Gun Woo♡ for me.
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@punkpandabear omg he's just perfect !!😻😻 they're all perfect!!💘
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@playboychaejin Yes he's perfect♡. I think they all are in their own way. I seen that you're new to vingle so I wanted to say Welcome and I hope you enjoy it here. Vingle is where I first found MYNAME.
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I get torn between insoo and junQ the sexy rapper or that cute smile that insoo has its a war I'll tell you that!
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