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Kristaps is going to fit in just fine in NY.
KP is an international player that has always had a love for American culture. While we know he watched some of the great NBA frontcourt players, we recently found out he was a huge fan of Allen Iverson and his sense of style.
Kristaps was such a big fan of AI that he donned cornrows from 10 to 13.
Per the NY Daily News:
“I loved the look,” the Knicks rookie said, “and all the girls loved it.”
“I wore that for like two years,” he explained before Thursday’s preseason finale against the Celtics. “I think like nine to 12 (years old), maybe like 13 even, something like that.”
If you thought it’d be hard to get a good cornrow braiding in Latvia, think again. Porzingis said he was re-braided almost every week to keep his rows fresh. […] “My hair would not look good after a week,” he said. “I remember it was painful.”
You gotta love this guy.
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Ahh...I miss the Answer. What a great player......