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I am excited for this one. On one side, we have the Dragonborn from Elder Scrolls. On the other is Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail. Both are equipped with the necessary abilities required to fight full fledged dragons... But are they equipped to face each other? So, the Dragonborn has access to a much higher arsenal of weapons and magic then Natsu does, and has definitely killed more dragons, but are the dragons he/she's killed anywhere close to the strength of Fairy Tail's now nearly extinct dragons? Will his weapons, armor, and magic be enough to combat the fiery wizard? Now, Natsu has no permanent weapons (unless we count his fists) and doesnt wear armor. It can be said that Natsu's magic is much stronger than the Dragonborn's, but he's really only proficient in fire magic... which the Dragonborn deals with on a near daily basis. While Natsu has not slain any dragons, the dragons of Fairy Tail were so strong, an entire nation could barely do anything against six. That's inclusive of, not just one or five, but seven very powerful wizards (well, six and Wendy has her moments) whose magic is specifically designed to kill dragons. So I'll leave to the community... Which one of these dragon slaying characters would come out on top? (I dont want anyone to use their personal characters in this debate.)
haha I agree with @MaighdlinS and I think natsu would be faster than the dragonborn as well
Natsu for sure. I doubt those shouts have anything on Natsu.
Sure dragonborn he can deal with fire on a daily basis but Natsu doesn't have regular fire. Never underestimate Natsu he is so much experienced and stronger. All dragons do is breath fire and crash things but...... well Natsu does the same thing..... but he also has tactics and has more advantages as a superior being. ( and he's hot 😍😍😍πŸ”₯❀πŸ”₯
Dragon slayer all the way baby
dragonborn hands down
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