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I'm going to be brief. I love this game. ... It isn't my favorite Zelda game, but it is certainly up there.
Legend of Zelda is always comprised of lengthy, complicated plots and puzzles, right? Well, Skyward Sword is a great representation of a classic mind-game, through and through, all the while maintaining a storyline that keeps you couch-bound for hours on end. And most definitely in a good way; despite the Wii nun- chuck and remote providing a questionable play-through in the beginning, I promise, it’s totally worth it. It does, however, have a slow start, but be patient, young padawans, a good show needs a good opening. I've never been huge on the Wii even, but boy did I have to reevaluate several things after playing this game.  First off, it’s ridiculously engaging. If the matter of actually going through the motions of swinging a sword isn’t feelin’ right, you need to get your motor cortex checked. The reality is truly astonishing, how a game can pull you in just by a bit more movement. And hey, if you want all that dramatic flare when swingin’ away at lizard-people, that’s all you, man.
And the characters! Oh, the characters! We all know about Zelda and whatnot, but in this game, THERE IS NO END TO SURPRISES.
You get spunky little tree people, a most-definitely flaming homosexual darklord, a winged- bird pet… And then there’s Fi. She’s the partner in crime. More like an emotionless, hooker statue.
But, I’ll give her some credit; she isn’t too annoying. She’s just dull. But she is really fond of dowsing. And that, my friend, gets you places in a moderately intolerable way. The side-plots are fantastic too! I’ve played this game six times through, and really, it never gets old. Despite the graphics being a little on the down-low, the world is certainly pleasing to the eye. Or several worlds, I should say. Between regions that represent the elements of Avatar and a giant mysterious hurricane ball-of-spooky, there’s always a place to be. It also helps that you ride your bird friend everywhere.
There’s never nothing to do! Moving on, BOSSES. Ahhh, yes, the bosses. The pinnacle point of Zelda games. Well I’ll tell ya, this isn’t your normal cup o’ tea. For one, Ganondorf technically isn’t even in the game. Different dude, still spooky, big, with discolored grody skin. No, no, he is a different deity. 
But let’s back up right quick; that flaming-homosexual darklord I mentioned earlier… Yeah, you’ll hate him with a quizzical passion. Fight him a few times, he gets stronger each time, blah blah, that whole routine. But the guy’s creepy.
Regarding, in my opnion, the SPOOKIEST PART OF THE WHOLE GAME…. The trials.
If you’ve played this game, you know when playing the Trials, your breath was held and you were sweating. I’ve never been so anxious, so panicked, in a game.  Mind you, I’ve never been one to squeal during gameplay until this part. But it’s THRILLING, indeed! Of course, my personal opinion may not agree with yours, and I’ve been known to clash with some people when they criticize my belief, so opinions are opinions.
But if you’re up for a fun-filled, mind- boggling adventure that keeps you on edge, this one’s for you.
it is a good game. I liked the controls and the boss fights. I only have two issues with the game. the trails were kinda annoying, the last one is almost a game breaker. I also didn't like how there were less temples and more just fighting for survival while exploring. the fight mechanics are completely different then other Zelda games, relying on your shield and sword with no item use. I did still like the game, I would have given it another play through if my time wasn't taken up by a second run of Twilight princess and the Witcher 3. I'm glad to see another enthusiastic Zelda fan.
@MikeCopersito Hey thanks for the read, and the comment! Yeah, I think I mainly appreciate how this game was just a new kind of Zelda game. I understand that not everyone likes change, but I tolerated it until I adjusted enough :). I'll be doing more Zelda game reviews in the future!
dude, this is an awesome review! I haven't played skyward sword because I'm not a big wii fan, but this is making me consider finding a way to play it. also, the description "like an emotionless, hooker statue" is amazing, and a big part of what sold me.
@VinMcCarthy Hey thanks, really! I'm planning on doing weekly reviews. Honestly, I was also iffy about the Wii, but I am too into LoZ games, so I had to give it a shot, and you see how that turned out for me :)