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OMG guys have you seen the opening for volume 3? It is really epic but a little weird to what I'm used to.
^^ Look through there are some new characters Ok so I know I really haven't been on much lately (Thanks High School). Anyway I have watched this opening a while ago and haven't got the chance to post about it! There are many things I can kind of break up about what might be in the new volume!
Like this I feel as though we will learn more about each family/families past and I can't wait! Maybe there was another RWBY because observe the clothing it looks similar to the RWBY now! Tell me what you thing in the comments!
Here is the opening! ^_^
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I love the tribute to mounty it had me tear up a bit
S3 ep1 aired for sponsors about 47 min ago. The rest of us can access it tomorrow.
@BladeChild7 thanks for telling me because I'm a sponsor XD
@jdude237 lol. that was yesterday.