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Filling Coach K's shoes in USA Olympic basketball will be a hard task due to the success of the team, but Jerry Colangelo may have found the man for the job.
Colangelo announced on Friday that Gregg Popovich, who has led the San Antonio Spurs to five NBA championships, will succeed Mike Krzyzewski as coach of the U.S. basketball team after the 2016 Olympics.
"You grow up and you watch the Olympic Games on TV and you always want to be a part of something like that. I'm no different than anybody else. So in that sense, it does have an added meaning. [I] never thought about being in this position at that point in your life. To be here now, it's quite astonishing."
Popovich takes the reins beginning with the team's 2017 training camp. He will coach the team at the 2019 World Cup and 2020 Olympics, should it qualify.
There's no doubting Pop is a good coach for this job, but do you think anyone else would have been a better fit for this gig right now? Pop is 66 right now, do you think it's wise for him to coach full-time during the NBA season and the summers for Team USA?
Popovich is ageless. Even if he's not the coach for the long term, he deserved the chance to be the head coach for team USA at least once. He's a legend, and I can't think of any other coach who can command the respect of the top players like him.
I also agree. Coach Pop is a great choice and I feel like he would be perfect for the job. I really can't think of anyone else who would do a better job than Popovich!