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Everyday was like a repeat of the previous. The dark under tones that threatened my very being. The tones that kept attacking my skin. Keeping others away.
Until that day, that's how my world spun. A laugh. A joke. Things that had reached the surface, except for love. That was not what arose.
It was a strange feeling. A laugh not of love, but of admiration. It was like a new sound, that changed how I lived.
Two sounds. Two different tunes. Both clashing. Fighting for control. For my past and present started to collide.
Two different tunes, turned one. This admiration. Like a beacon of hope, is with me every day.
You were once a friend. Now you're something more. With a siblings' caring heart and a big smile, you light my day. This admiration I feel will never go away. A smile. A laugh. And a joke. A friend with a heart, that cares for others.