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I recently started getting into animes and have been watching a lot of anime movies. I have watched: Wolf Children, Howl's Moving Castle, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, The Girl Who Leapt Though Time, Summer Wars, and am still watching more!
My favorites have been ( in order) Wolf Children (Amazing Movie! Easily my favorite) Howl's Moving Castle The Girl Who Leapt Though Time Spirited Away
As I write this I am watching Sword of a Stranger.
Anyone want to recommend other movies for me? Thanks! :-)
WOLF CHILDREN it has everything love, drama, happiness, even anger
I love howls moving castle it my favorite cause it unique and cute and epic and lovely nothing can top it for me
Studio Ghibli makes some good quality movies. I haven't been let down yet :-)
Princess Mononoke and Spirited away tie
@zoilaobregon I just added Porco Rosso to my list :-) @santaraJones I have seen Castle in the Sky ( also Nausicaa
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