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I don't see nearly enough cards about my boys, thus I am doing this. Teen Top is and always will be my bias group. Picking my bias member is hard, but its a toss up between Niel and L.Joe (I'm incredibly indecisive).Teen Top is incredibly talented and I love there songs more than anything so here is some of my favorite teen top songs. These are not my top five or anything like that, but just a few songs of there's that I recommend to any and all kpop fans.
1. Ah-Ah The title track from Teen Top's most recent comeback, and rightly so. With both Niel and Chunji singing the chorus, L.Joe and Cap laying down some killer raps, Changjo and Ricky doing some AMAZING vocal work, and choreography that might kill you when attempting,Teen Top could not have released a more fantastic song than this one. 2. Hot Like Fire Hot like Fire, could not have said it better myself. This song is smokin' hot in all the right places. Need I say more? 3. Memory This song is not a song done by Teen Top, but rather a song off of Niel's solo album, the repackaged version. It is absolutely beautiful and very possibly might bring tears to your eyes.
4. Mr. Bang
This song is primarily a rap song. It has a hip hop feel and is done by only Changjo, L.Joe, and Cap, and then a couple guests as well. Prepared to get your mind blown, however beware. It can be a little risky at times with the lyrics. Kekeke
5. Missing You And we end our short recommended list with a final group song, that will bring tears to your eyes. It is absolutely stunning and there talent shines through in this song (In my opinion).
If you haven't heard some of these songs yet I highly recommend them because they are fantastic. I feel like I haven't seen really any Teen Top cards on here so let's try to increase the numbers! If you've already heard these songs amazing! Let's see how many Angels we can get in here!!!!!!