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So every time I move I find a no kill shelter to donate my time to. The cat house in Lincoln NE was my place this year. Moments like this were all I needed for it to be worth it. This little guy always looked so scared but once I put my hand out he buried his little head in as much as he could.
This is his room mate :) I clean and volunteer at any event I can make. I can't even describe the value of that. It's not luxurious and you're rarely thanked by other humans for it. The animals always appreciate it though and it's wonderful when they get adopted. I've also volunteered for all dog no kills and have fostered for them before. I once fostered a dog that was skin and bones to watch her turn into a beautiful chocolate lab that loved people and life.
My two I adopted this year from the cat house as well. One I adopted as a young adult and the other as a kitten. Orange and black cats are very common colors and while orange cats get chosen at a decent rate black cats remain for a long time. Perfectly good cats are passed up for their color... and it's really upsetting. My black kitten was the last in her litter to be chosen though her mother is still in the facility. Older cats that are only a few years old are passed up because people want kittens... well I can promise you that I am glad I didn't have to go through two kitten stages... and that I have an adult kitty to wrangle the little one.
So think about what you can do for the no kill rescues in your area. Maybe it's a yearly donation, maybe you can volunteer or foster. Or maybe you are thinking about a pet? Whatever it is it is extremely rewarding, I promise.
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That is really awesome that you do that!