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Anime I have watched: Bleach Naruto Naruto Shippuuden Yu Yu Hakusho Vampire Knight Darker than Black Darker than Black Ryuusei no Gemini Death Note Inuyasha Full Metal Alchemist/ Brotherhood Zoids Zero Zoids Chaotic Century Code Geass Code Geass R2 Ouran Highschool Host Club Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Dragon Ball GT BeyBlade MetaBots FairyTail Soul Eater D Gray Man
Can someone recommend some anime for me to watch? I have a pretty diverse range of anime that I like, open to all suggestions.
Also if someone could tell me which Gundam series was the one where the main character wore a skin tight black suit in the Gundam and he would put it on with a machine every time he piloted it, his female companion was called Rain if that helps

Note: I finally remembered the name of it! It's Mobile Fighter G Gundam

I think it would be cool if we could all suggest anime's for each other to watch here so keep posting suggestions :)
This is the list of Anime I want to watch or have been suggested to watch: Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Guren Lagen Attack on Titan Blue Exorcist Shamen King Gintama Cowboy Bebop Space Dandy Bobobo bo bobobo God Eater K Sword Art Online HunterXHunter Metal Fight Beyblade Pandora Heart Kill La Kill Black Butler Fruits Basket Prince of Tennis Diabolik lovers Dramatical Murder Charlotte Plastic memories Ookami no shujo Tokyo Ghoul
Yu Yu Hakusho Trigun Akame Ga Kill Elfen Lied Tokyo Ghoul Attack On Titan Wolf's Rain Outlaw Star
There's probably anime you've seen in this list but I'm just copying and pasting from my quotev profile. Anime Watched: Betrayal knows my name Blood + Fairytail Kaze no stigma Vampire knight Eden of the east Black butler Soul eater Ghost hunt Blue exorcist Clannad OHSHC Fruits basket Kamisama hajimemashita Shugo chara Hakuouki Noragami Kaichou wa maid sama Special a Wallflower Tokyo esp Suki tte ii na yo Brothers conflict Glasslip The devil is a part timer Diabolic lovers Amnesia Gosick The mystic archives of dantalian Hatenkou yuugi Otome youkai zakuro My little monster Uta no prince sama The irregular at magic highschool La corda d'oro Sword Art Online Psycho pass Shiki MiraclBlue Spring Ride Hiiro no Kakera Inu x Boku SS La storia della Arcana Famiglia TBlood-C Spirited Away The Girl Who Leapt Through Time DMMD Free Hiyokoi Nyan Koi Starry Sky The Good Witch of the West Skip Beat! Ayashi no Ceres Guilty Crown Psychic Detective Yakumo Hyouka Earl and Fairy Pretear D.N. Angel Hidan no Aria​ Red Data Girl Amatsukioradora Wolf Girl and Black Prince Yona of the Dawne Train Strike the Blood
I'm watching D Gray man From the beginning again, I got half way through the series and wasn't able to finish it so I'm rewatching it so I can finish it this time but I LOOOOOVE IT!!! :) @OtakuBri
That's awesome I'll have to check it out :) @JessReno
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