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Chinese mega star Jackie Chan reveals he could have married a Korean woman. On the episode of MBC talk show “Knee-drop Guru” aired on February 28th, the actor was the special guest and revealed he went out with a Korean girl for 8 years. He said that he lived in Korea from when he was 18 till he was 20 to work as a stunt double before he was famous. He said “at the time there were curfews so I got stuck in a night clubs and I met her there. I used to talk to her a lot.” He continued, “I could have married her, if long-distance relationships were easier back then. At the time there was no cellphones. I was in Hong Kong and she was in Korea, I used to call her and say things like 'honey, is it cold?' and 'kiss'. However, we parted ways because I became very busy, and was hard for me to call her, because I couldn’t afford international calls.” The actor was in Korea in mid-February to promote his latest movie “Chinese Zodiac,” which he starred with Kwon Sang Woo.