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...this is like a week's worth.....Sorry, been busy with college and now that I recently got a job...
16 - Kpop idol you wish was your older brother
Pretty self-explanatory XD
17 - Kpop idol you wish as an older sister
I have a pikachu onesie, we can almost pull off the Pokemon gang XD
18 - Kpop idol you wish was your younger brother
even though he's older, it's gotta be Onew :3 he can probably sweet talk his way into getting us free/more food
19 - kpop idol you wish was your younger sister
.......no comment xD
(seriously I couldn't think of anybody)
20 - Favorite pictures of favorite kpop guy groups
I know there's more groups, but my memory is being extra suck-y today :|
21 - favorite pictures of favorite kpop girl groups
22 - Most underrated K-pop artist/group member
this one may be obvious, maybe because other people may have also done this, but it's Jin for me. I see it more in his Eat Jin videos, that whenever there is another member in the shot, comments about the other members start showing up. Yeah, there is a lot of room for improvement, but he does put in the effort to keep up with the other members. I honestly don't know how many times I've said this, but I'm just going to keep it simple and stop here :)
23 - Favorite cover by kpop artist of american/english song
Lost Stars - Jungkook cover
I haven't heard much of covers (if you guys have any that I should listen to tell me ^.^) , but the feels are strong with this cover ;~;