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I want the post dedication to be their own cards, so I'm doing days 21-28 as days 16-23. Hopefully that makes sense :) ._.
21 - Favorite Dance Practice
I love their dance practices so it was hard to choose :)
*side note: I agree with this one note I found, in which groups should upload a video of them first learning the dance, that'll be funny XD *
22 - Favorite BTS performance
I believe it was one of their last performances for the I Need U promotions? There was another I Need U performance, but I could not find it....(I have the gif for it on) Jin's part ♥ .....kudos to the cameraman ;D
23 - Funniest BTS Moment
BTS switching parts in I Need U, otherwise known as why rappers are rappers and vocals are vocals XD
24 - Most Handsome Member
All of them! ;D
but since I'm Jin trash, it's Jin :)
25 - Sexiest member
Can't 'all of them' be an answer? If not.....then I got to go with RapMon. There's something about him that gives off the sexy vibe but I still don't know what it is!
26 - Cutest members
it's a tie between Tae and Jimin! put both together and my heart....can't handle it XD
27 - Most underrated member
Jin, I probably won't be the only one who says that so I won't go further into this :)
28 - BTS Merch
I have their latest album, the Danger poster, the photo cards that came with them, and the BTS flannel. The design on the cup I made myself so I don't know if that counts. Beanies are my life, and even if it isn't BTS merch, I want the "ZZZ" beanie ^.^ Plus if I have good grades, my brother will give me a Jin shirt XD