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Oh my star!! Here are my concerns heh
So I just wanted to know about this...since you know today they are announcing the winners. Question: Anyone who signed up already get notified? I want to know who already won...since 150 people will win...or so I heard.
Especially since my non-kpop fans think really negative towards it so I can't share my obsession with them. Like seriously, if ever one liked kpop as much as I do, we'd have no prob getting along
@ARMYStarlight Only true K-poppers understand my frustration. none of my non-kpop friends understand the pain. I would ditch school and my midterm to meet the baes.
@Ashley052498 Hah! That is so true I only have one friend who is into kpop and its hard heh
@Ashley052498 Yeah I get the's okay Army's stick together and help each other heh
@ARMYStarlight I really want to know who won so I could let go of that small sliver of hope I had ever since I found out about this event...but no one is updating whether they won or not and its kinda frustrating me. Sorry for springing that onto u. I'm just really desperate for this
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