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There are so many anime out there that have amazing battle scenes.
It's super hard to choose just one.
What I want to know is if you had to choose one fight scene that had an impact on you, whether it was just bad ass or beautiful, etc. What would it be?
*NARUTO SPOLIERS IF YOU AREN'T CAUGHT UP* Mine personally would have to be the battle with Kakashi and Obito. I have never seen a fight with so much power and emotion behind it. What I love about this scene is that it doesn't have "cool uplifting battle music" in the background, or a bunch of explosion or even just blood and guts to make it in to a great battle. This scene may not be the typical bad ass fights other anime have had but this scene is so powerful in so many words!
So this is my first time doing a "card" but please share with me your favorite battle and we can all have nerd boners and nerdgasms together discussing and reminiscing on fight scenes!
great fight choice but I'd say rock Lee vs gaara is my favorite from any anime
@ElizjahGrisby are you talking about the first picture? If so that is Katanagatari
Kenichi vs Odin. Histories Mightiest Disciple Kenichi
goku vs frieza dragon ball p lol
Not the greatest fight, but one of my favorites is Spike vs Vincent in the Cowboy Bebop movie.
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