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Waking up - Let's be honest, we all hate waking up. It's gross, it's inhumane, it's unecessary. Bye.
Breakfast - How do you expect me to eat food when I'm literally in the worst mood possible?
Time to go to hell - All my teachers are the spawn of Satan. I think the devil wants to be reincarnated through a human.
My classmates - They're probably the most arrogant, obnoxious idiots you could ever imagine. I have no idea why their parents haven't tossed them onto the side of the road yet.
Finally some food - Yaaaaaassss bitch. Food is the only reason I go to school. Our cafeteria food is the shit.
Returning back to hell - Seriously though, don't expect me to learn anything just by reading a packet. You're a teacher, so start teaching.
I'm judging all of you - Y'all piss me off. My mood is already at a 0, don't make it turn into a negative with your smart ass comments.
Hey there ;) - Yes, you. I'm sending you all my love and trying not to eye rape you, even though it's really hard.
Bitchy teachers - I'm sorry you're cranky about how your shitty life got even more shitty because you got stuck teaching us bratty teenagers. However, you can take your nasty ass outside if you're going to start a fight with me.
Being social (?) - 'A' for effort, right? Yeah... I think I'll just chill with the dust collecting in my room.
Going home - Thank you, God. I was so close to slapping a bitch.
Kpop, here I come - The only part of the day you'll see me kissing the computer screen.
Seeing Oppas interact - So, I understand that you're sexually frustrated?
Good Night - Bye bye. All that fangirling made me too tired to remove my makeup. Looks like I'll break out tomorrow. It's okay though, since oppa will always love me LOL
this is so funny.. im literally the 2nd gif every morning
Omg! Chill with the dust collecting in the room! Lol. I know these feels. They were everyday of high school. Except the food, I only liked pizza day and leftover pizza day. and taco day.