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Jake + Olive

It's been a while since I posted, I think? Haha So if anybody follows me, first: Thank you haha I love you <3 Secondly, I just finished my finals, and I'm starting my second set of classes for the second half of the semester. Basically, these classes take a 16 week course, and mush it down into 8 weeks, half of a semester. It's extremely accelerated haha So, I may start posting more, however, I do have a huge wedding to attend tomorrow, and on Thursday through Saturday of next week, my crush/best friend and I will be attending Disneyland ^.^ Things are falling together, and as much as I enjoy Vingle, sometimes, living life away from the Internet is important too! I hope you all have been well! And feel free to message me at any time and keep tagging me in things! I will participate in Everything I can! Anywho... Okay. This song, Jake + Olive is one that makes me silently cry myself to sleep after listening to it. Mac Lethal is known for his fast raps, but not many people know of his actual music. Which, surprisingly, is good. Back to this song, just the chorus alone, "I Know in Life I Won't Be Satisfied Unless I Live My Life With you. Don't Wanna Live One Single Day Apart. I Hope I Die Before You Do." is beautiful. Except, I don't want to die first. Simply because I wouldn't want her hurting for the rest of her life. I'd rather be the one suffering. And then, "Then He Went Home, He Didn't Feel Quite Right Sleeping There Alone. He Was Half Of A Whole, Cracked In The Soul. He Sat There Alive But His Passion Was Dulled. He Missed Olive. And He Was So Sick Without Her, Couldn't Live Without Her." Ugh... Gets me every time... *sniff, sniff* Damn onions! *wipes eyes!* STOP MAKING MY EYES RAIN! I could dissect the whole thing, in all honesty, but I guess I should let you listen to it and read the lyrics haha @ButterflyBlu @allischaaff Here. Cry with me lol
I Know in Life I Won't Be Satisfied Unless I Live My Life With you, Don't Wanna Live One Single Day Apart I Hope I Die Before You Do, His Name Was Jake O'Brian He Was 17, Her Name Was Olive Finn, She Was Everything To Him, She Never Even Knew Him Till He Walked Up To Her With A bouquet Of Petunias, And A Heart So Pure, And She Was So Pretty, He Thought She Was The Prettiest Girl In Kilkenny, He Saved Every Penny That He Had Working On The Train Tracks So, He Could Buy A Ring For Her When He Came back, And He Dropped To His Knee, Said You Could Marry Any Man In Ireland Madam But It's Got to Be Me, But When She Said No, He Felt He Had To Go, So he Traveled To America On A Ferry Boat, But, Then There Was The Void, Cause She Just Couldn't Live Without Him, She Was Sick Without Him, So She Filled Out Immigration Papers, And Showed Up On His Door Step 30 Days Later And Said This, I Know in Life I Won't Be Satisfied Unless I Live My Life With you, Don't Wanna Live One Single Day Apart I Hope I Die Before You Do, They Had 4 Kids Over 14 Years, And Protected Each One From The Poor Things Fierce, And Protected Each other From The City It Was so Cruel, In The Back Yard Watch The Summer Weather Grow Cool And It Was So Pretty, When Fall Came It Transformed The Whole Entire City There Was So Much Love' Within Them That Olive Said To Jake I'm a Stay With You forever On One Condition Were Passionate Lovers, Every Night We Sleep With Our Backs To Each other Were Half Of Each other, And I Don't Wanna Sleep One Night Of My Life Knowing Your Aren't Next To Me Hogging Half of The Covers, Promise Me You'll Let Me Die First Cause I Just Couldn't Live Without You, I'd Be Sick Without You, I'd Be A Devastated Lunatic Without You You Wanna Make My Life Perfect, This Is How to, I Know in Life I Won't Be Satisfied Unless I Live My Life With you, Don't Wanna Live One Single Day Apart I Hope I Die Before You Do, They Got Old 80+ Years And This Was True Love Not A Day Was Unclear, Cause This Was True Friendship, So Even When The Kids Went To College, They Kept The Romance Polished Jake+Olive, Knifed In The Back Yard Oak Tree, Lemonade, Salad, Butterscotch, Roast Beef, You Know That Old Saying Pick Your Poison Well Olive Was A Smoker, And Jake He Was Smoke Free, Uh So When it Came Down To It Lung Cancer, Chest Tube, Draining All The Fluid, Olive On Her Death Bed Looked Him In The Eyes, But She Didn't Have To Say A Thing Cause He Already Knew It, She Closed Her Eyes And Then She Went Through it, Her Last Few Breaths Were Like Irish Folk Music, He Told The People At The Funeral That They Were Happy That You Knew Us, And Covered Olive's Casket In Petunias And Then He Went Home, He Didn't Feel Quite Right Sleeping There Alone, He Was Half Of A Whole, Cracked In The Soul, He Sat There Alive But His Passion Was Dull, He Missed Olive, And He Was So Sick Without Her Couldn't Live Without Her, So He Gave His Final Will To His Neighbors, Fell ill And Died Exactly 30 Days Later, The Immigrants...
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"Then He Went Home, He Didn't Feel Quite Right Sleeping There Alone. He Was Half Of A Whole, Cracked In The Soul. He Sat There Alive But His Passion Was Dulled." That's exactly what it feels like... Like someone cracked your soul into two pieces and hid the other piece somewhere out of your reach. You're alive and you go through all the motions because that's what everyone expects you to do but you seriously do not care about anything that is going on around you. Beautiful song and video. This is the kind of love I dream of finding again... but can lightening strike twice? Or did I get one shot and one alone? Hmm. The things I'll be thinking about. Thank you for tagging me. I'm crazy glad to see you share music again!! <3
Yeah... Exactly, @ButterflyBlu. Definitely the goal to find a love like this, a love that lasts a life time. And hopefully, you're both alive during that duration... And I'll try to think of more haha There are only a few songs that affect me so strongly, and for some reason, I haven't been listening to my sad music anymore. I don't feel it. Maybe because I feel happy.
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