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I love paragraph style roleplaying if anyone's interested! Video games and anime are generally what I'm into. Lemme know if you're interested :) (ps i'm super new here)
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I also like rp
2 years ago·Reply
man I used to do what ur talkin about back in 1999 on aol geeze
2 years ago·Reply
@edenmmercedes yeah i started out just doing it with my best friend back in middle school and then on websites and then finally on tumblr lol its been a changing process haha
2 years ago·Reply
Send me your number and I can rp with you (or you fb) 🙂
2 years ago·Reply
I also love rp! I'm usually on Chatango, forums or on kik when I'm lazy xD haha I need new rp buddies T.T
2 years ago·Reply