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Welcome to the fourth part of our K-Pop Halloween journey, if you have stumbled across this and have not yet moved through the first three levels you need to go and check them out first so that you can be sure you are fully prepared for this next level. We will provide a portal for you to travel to the first level now >>Portal to Part 1<< see you back here soon ^-^

WARNING this card will contain some coarse language, possibly some disturbing themes, and definitely some fake blood, we don't recommend reading/listening to this card if you are below the age of 15, or if you find things too creepy or disturbing, we respectfully request that you skip this card and continue scrolling ^_^

You are nearly at the end of your Journey through the strange world that is K-Pop Halloween, continue following the marked out path when you are ready, but be warned, things are about to get much more serious...!!!

36. Jackpot - Block B

It's a pretty strange situation, being held hostage by a bunch of psychopaths who have fallen in love with you...I mean maybe some Block B fans wouldn't mind, but we think it's just freaky...

37. Hyde - VIXX

VIXX bringing the creepy with another of their famous dark concepts

38. Thriller - BTOB

Not the kind of thing I'd really expect from BTOB, but incredible just the same, well done guys ^-^

39. Zombie Party - SPEED

Shannon Williams??? What are you doing here???? Dancing with Zombies??? Well okay then!!! It's awesome no matter which way you slice it ^^

40. One 4 U - A-Jax

It just works!!!
Please support A-Jax they need more love and attention ^-^

41. The Shadows Grow Longer (From the musical "Elisabeth") - Se7en & Kim Seung Dae

If you have never heard this song before, you need to hear it now, Se7en's high notes at the end of the song are mindblowing...

42. Mine - Jaejoong

This song is such a Halloween song, from the concept, to the MV, to the way Jaejoong sings it, its all perfect!!!!

43. Full Moon (feat. Lena) - Sunmi


44. Beat - 100%

(19+ MV, gets a little graphic near the end)

We both Love this song so much!!! It was really quite popular on the Australian K-Pop charts!Please show 100% support and love, they need you!!!!

45. Obliviate - BIGFLO

Honestly this needs very little explanation, it's just an awesome song!!!
BIGFLO are seriously underrated, so if you like this song, please check out some of their other songs, and show them some support :D

46. Dracula - F(x)

No explanation needed, just an incredible Halloween song from the talented girls of F(x) ^^

47. Corpse - YANO (From Topp Dogg)

(!!warning this song contains coarse language!!)
Another incredible solo track from Yano's mixtape, you should really check it out, it is totally amazing, and the album art, pretty much screams Halloween :D

48. Voodoo Doll - VIXX

(19+ MV, very graphic, you have been warned)
Thought for a second you were going to get away from this song didn't you? Well how about no XD This was pretty much made for Halloween ^-^ ...and we didn't even add the clean version hehehe :P

49. Ghost - Ravi

Does Ravi need something for that cough? XD I'm pretty sure its actually supposed to be like a dog barking...We don't really know but either way its awesome, and a little bit weird. Still mostly awesome, and very Halloween appropriate :D

50. Happy - YANO (From Topp Dogg)

(Possibly contains coarse language...I don't remember)
So when this starts you may not think it sounds very Halloween appropriate, just a hard hitting rap track, but give it a moment and you'll see why we chose it as our last song...creepy as f*%k...seriously... I hope you all sleep well tonight ^^
Credit to the owners of all the MVs and photos and the gif on this card, we DO NOT own them!!!!

You have reached the end of your journey throughout the K-Pop Halloween world...or have you...

Thank you for reading
I loved all the songs you guys chose! And I like how you put some of the underrated artists (like A-Jax) :)
We did it, took us all day, (practically) but we did it ^^