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Madoka Magica: I love this anime mostly because of the heavy amount of emotional bonding you get with every single character.
Madoka is the sweetest thing you will ever meet, she is a role model for family, school, friends, and priorities. If she sees something unfair happening she will do everything in her power to fix it.
Sayaka has but one goal in mind, heal her mistake. Once she knows she can, it doesn't take long for Sayaka to heal her best friend in trade for her soul.
Kyouko had a rough childhood, and her solution was to trade everything she had so her father could be happy, but in return her father disowned her. Now she lives for herself, by herself. No hard feelings, no regrets, and trying to make sure no one else makes her mistake.
Mami, the happy upperclassman. Once she fatedly met Madoka, she not only found out how much of a role model she is, but she also found out how great it is to have a friend when you are scared. I'm really crying right now remembering what happened after she said the quote above but only those who have seen it would understand.
Homura is not someone who you would expect them to be from the first, second, third, fourth, and even fifth glance. To be straight forward, you'd think she's a b*tch. But like I said, you get an emotional connection to each and every character, meaning you'll like her... eventually. Her story is a lot more connected and intertwined than anyone else. You are probably reading this thinking wtf and I understand, I'm just trying not to give out fatal spoilers.
Kyube... not human, desires suffrage, and has zero emotion. Yup, this "innocent" creature hands out wishes, even miracles, but has its own back story to why. From emotionless Kyube's point of view its noble to help the galaxy, even if it's a few thousand earthling lives.
I love madoka magica!!!
I hate Kyubey