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So we have... 🇺🇸 SUPERMAN THOR FLASH HULK GREEN LANTER VS 🇯🇵 GOKU NARUTO LUFFY ICHIGO SEIYA A lot of you guys know these characters They are pretty popular so I know you guys know there feats hahah so here we go.... MATCH •Taking place in the planet TATOOINE • 1 year of Prep time for both teams •NO backup •Morals Off •Win by KO ❌ Or DEATH💀 🔴The reason these two awesome teams are about to fight is because of YOU guys!! The fans Goku heard the arguments of those hardcore fans defending him and anime/manga in general against superman And then Superman heard all the fans arguments of those hardcore comic book fans defending him and cartoons/comics in general. They both decided to gather a team of there own and FIGHT to see who is the strongest team!🔴 THE FIGHT OF THE YEAR!!! Who do you go for? Who do you think will win? 👇👇👇👇 COMMENT below debate my friends Manga and Comic book FANS GO!!!!!!!!!
SUPERMAN - "I'm superman I can do anything"
GOKU - "I am the hope of the universe I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good! Nightmare to you!"
im all for goku's team
goku's team hands down
I hate beating a dead horse, but Superman wins this. hell, it could be superman by himself vs these guys and he wins. that's the problem with superman. he is basically indestructible. I hate the guy, and I would want team goku to win, but all the facts lie on superman's side. assuming that team Goku doesn't get kryptonite, which the probably wouldn't due to Goku's belief in honorable fighting, Tatooine has two yellow suns. So superman would be even stronger there than he is on earth. no contest, superman's team takes it. but really, I hate superman.
@OGv6FATE I told you Goku can always lift more than Hulk because that Will only make him Stronger. He lifts anything with 10x gravity. Flash can run less than the Speed of Sound. Goku can hit him with Instant Transmission. Goku will always be faster than Flash. Superman Got defeated By Doomsday and Goku defeated it. Superman is only 10x power than a human. Hulk is weak against Goku. Supermans weakness is KRYPTONITE. Goku doesn't has a Weaknes. Once a Sayain gets defeated,they always get stronger from the fight. Flash, Superman, Thor, and Hulk Lost only to Goku. Plus his members will Crush Superman's team. Goku team wins again!
Goku of course
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