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@jordanhamilton created this challenge about our favorite feelings. Basically, she picked 11 of her favorite feelings and then asked us to do the same. I was tagged by her, @LAVONYORK, @Danse, and @danidee. I know I'm running late, but here is my response.
That feeling that bursts forth from being a Mommy:
My SON is my world. Being a mom can be difficult and stressful, especially when you're doing it alone. However, when my son gives me a big hug or when he wants to cuddle on the couch and watch anime, he unlocks some crazy loving feelings deep inside that have absolutely no comparison.
That feeling of being wrapped up in love and protection:
When a man wraps his arms around me and holds me close. No, I'm NOT talking about sex here. This can happen anywhere anytime. That feeling of being enveloped and loved makes me feel small and protected, which is a good thing... a very good thing.
That feeling that overcomes me when I am dancing:
When I am dancing, I go into this zone... a happy place? My brain checks out, my body moves, and I just FEEL the music. Whether I am dancing in the studio, in a club, or in the living room with my son, I love it.
That feeling when I am creating something beautiful:
I am a choreographer. I also write, create jewelry, paint, bake, cook, and will attempt any craft you set upon me. I love that feeling when the end result comes together and I can take a step back and see what I managed to create.
*Especially in choreography: The moment I hear music, I start seeing the moves - if I don't actually just start dancing then and there. There is nothing better than either dancing a routine that I created or seeing my students dance that sequence that came from my head.
That feeling when I am laughing:
I love to laugh. I really do. I love that feeling when I am really amused, to the point of throwing my head back and just laughing! It feels great.
That feeling of tasting something absolutely delicious:
I love that moment when I put that bite in my mouth and all of the flavors spread across my tongue. Drinks? Yeah, I get happy for those, too, especially when it has many layers of flavor that unfold in my mouth and then linger with a lovely aftertaste.
The feeling I get when I am holding a book:
I love everything about books. The smell of a book when you open it... I can tell if it's new or old. (Yes, they smell different. Yes I'm a geek of the highest order.) The promise of an adventure, a romance, a scare, a mystery - whichever you choose - is right there within those pages, waiting for you to jump in with two feet and go for the ride. This one of the reasons I own 12,000+ books. I especially love to curl up in an over-sized chair in my library in front of a fire with a book, blanket, and warm drink.
That feeling when I am driving fast:
My Dad was a mechanic. In the Army, he worked on heavy machinery, including tanks, helicopters, humvees, etc., whatever the Army threw at him. But in his spare time, he restored classic cars. I had the pleasure of getting to ride in all of those amazing cars. I learned that I love classic cars! I also learned that faster is better and it stuck!
*Extra points for having the wind in my hair.
That feeling when I finally give in and lay down:
I am narcoleptic (with cataplexy). This means that I am always sleepy. Always. Sometimes, though, it gets super powerful. It can feel like I have hundred pound weights on my wrists, pulling my arms down, down, down, while someone else is pushing my head forward. Most of the time, I have to push through this mess. Once I can finally give in and lay down to rest, well, that's pure Heaven, right there. Of course, 99% I fall asleep as SOON as I hit the pillow, if not before, but those few times that I get to lay there for a moment, I can't help but sigh with joy. LOL It's sad, I know.
That feeling when I get a message from someone I care about:
I love my friends and family. I love to talk to them, laugh with them, listen to them. Unfortunately, all of my closest friends don't even live in California. Texting and email are lifesavers. There is such a great feeling that comes with realizing that one of them messaged me. It makes me feel like there is someone out there that is thinking about me.
Now when the messages come from someone I am dating or that I love in that special way, it's even more amazing. Who doesn't want to feel loved? And that's exactly the way I feel when I get these messages.
*Super bonus points for "Good Morning" and "Good Night" messages.*
That feeling when I hear something pleasing to the ear:
There are a few noises that elicit an emotional response the moment I hear them: my son's laughter, almost all music, the ocean waves beating against the shore, a thunderstorm... When I do, I just feel more peaceful.
So there ya go: 11 of my favorite feels! This was very interesting. It was a great challenge to think about my feeling and which ones I enjoy the most. ^.^ Ok, so I guess I should tag a few people. Forgive me if you have already been tagged. If you've done your card and I tag you, please link it to me so I can see your card. *hugs to all* (You don't have to be tagged. If you want to do this, do it!)
@LAVONYORK @jordanhamilton awwww!! Thank you ladies! I think he's pretty handsome, myself. ;) Nah, he's my world. I love him very much. <3 Jordan, I love that feeling when my phone goes off and I look to see that it's that someone. It's really special. :D @Arellano1052 it took me a little while to do it, too. I could have done the entire card about music and dancing but I figured I would try to think elsewhere. :P Even negative emotions are feelings, though. I guess it's a matter of whether you like any of them. :P
@Danse I told you my notifications were being wonky, didn't I?? (I honestly can't remember through the NyQuil haze. Lol) Another friend said her notifications are screwed up, too. No worries, sir! Hahaha he probably would hate it but he would never say a word! He'd smile at you and give me the eyes that say, "Mommmmmy! Help me, please!!" Mmmmm that hug feeling is amazing... Not just anyone elicits the hug feeling either. It takes a special someone because it has to be full of intent and love. <3
@ButterflyBlu Gah! How did I miss this! *Eyes his notifications wearily* Your son is SO adorable. I wanna squish his cheeks. He'll probably hate it. lol All those feels were perfect. I loved the Hug one. I like that feeling too. There's something about a hug that can totally envelope you, center you and wrap you in a world of warmth and comfort. Well done! <3
you're very welcome! theres no love like a mother's love :)
I'll have to do this some other time haha ^.^ Seems like a fun card to make =D will definitely take some thinking, though. I don't really feel too many emotions, except with music. And riding.
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