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'Yes! Finally the day is over!' I thought to myself. I walked towards the anime club (yes, there's one at my school) and sat down as I waited for my friends to come in. The anime club is just your average science class where the nerds, and everyone who watches anime hangout, either talking, playing magic (a card game), or just watching anime. Today, however, just happened to be karaoke day, as well as the day that I was going to beat everyone on it. I mean, not to brag, but I sing beautiful. "Y/N!" I heard. I looked up and saw my friend Hoseok, his brown eyes shining as he gave me his famous smile. I smiled at him as he came closer to me with his arms extended reaching for a hug. He smiled more mischievously as he soon scooped me up and twirled around. Laughing, and with a shaky voice I tried begging him to stop but the evidence in my voice, showed that I was having too much fun. We heard a clearing of a throat and be immediately stopped and looked at the teacher who was glaring at us. We looked at each other, and he put me down. Not used to the ground and still a bit dizzy, I tipped over and held my head, Hoseok burst out laughing as he saw me staggering back and forth and soon grabbed me by my shoulders and made me sit on the chair. **The Karaoke Starts** I smiled as I was still undefeated after 10 rounds. I even beat Jimin, the kid that has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard [one of them]. I looked behind and saw someone who I'd never expect-- my ex, Yoongi. My smile immediately left as I saw him staring back at me with his arm wrapped around another girls' waist. I smiled at him, and he was taken aback as his eyes went wide. I looked in front, suddenly my urge to sing, dissapeared. I walked towards my desk and picked my things up. "Y/N! You're leaving already?" Hoseok complained. "Yeah, my mom is almost here." I lied. "Awe, do you want me to walk you?" He asked. "No, I'm good. I'll see you tomorrow!" I beamed. "Okay!" he said as he came to hug me and I giggled. "Bye!" I walked outside and took in my surroundings. Even though there are buildings to either side of me, there are trees, grass, and flowers everywhere. I walked to the right side of the building heading towards my favorite place. I opened the gate a bit and walked in. I sat on the table and took in my surroundings, like I do all the time. There are 6 tables, including the one I'm sitting on, some are faded of the color red, but it's very peaceful. I looked up and saw how clear the sky's are today. I smiled to myself. I heard footsteps, from behind and I looked behind and saw Seokjin. Aka Jin. "I-I didn't know this place was taken.. sorry I'll just go." "Wait!" He turned, and no sooner than he did he walked into the wall next to the gate. I burst out laughing as he was left messaging his forehead, and repeating incoherent words to himself. "Yah! What's so funny?" He mumbled. "Idiot, come over here!" I pointed to the ground spot next to me. He looked at me suspiciously and gave in when I crossed my arms. "Let me look at your forehead." I said when he was close to me. I moved his hair out of his face and looked at his forehead that had an upcoming bruise. As I looked at his forehead and slightly touched it, my eyes trailed down to his eyes, and my breathe hitched as we made eye contact. I took in his features. His brown eyes, that show something unreadable, his cheekbones that are more noticeable up close, and then those lips-- oh what I'd do with them-- "I know I'm perfect, but you're kind of hurting my forehead." I facepalmed. This kid isn't known as the 'princess' for nothing. "Oh please. We both know, I'm the perfect one" I grinned. "Oh no you don't! You're beautiful but not as beautiful as me!" "You think I'm beautiful?" I asked him. "Ye- Wait, What?" He blushed. "You called me beautiful. Am I?" I smirked a little as I looked at him. "W-Well I-I.. Yes.. Y-You are." He stuttered. I burst out laughing and said, "I actually made the princess stutter and blush! Omo! Omo! I have to take a picture!" I took out my phone and was about to unlock it when I felt my waist being held and I looked up only to be met by Brown eyes. "You know, I may be a princess, but I can be a prince too. I can make you blush, and stutter as well." He whispered in my ear. I was at a loss for words, my mouth agape and my thoughts blank. I felt my cheeks burning as I just stood there. I slowly regained my conscious and smirked at him, even though he can't see me. I pulled away slightly and faced him, "Well Mr. Prince, You may be both but just know, I'll always be a princess." He leaned in too quickly and I was taken aback when he connected our lips together. I wrapped my arms around his neck as I kissed him back. After that exchange, we pulled away, our foreheads still together but slightly due to me possibly hurting him. "You are a princess, but You're my princess."
I hope you guys liked this short imagine (: I loved writing it tbh. Ps, I'm going to be doing this where I do one for every member. Right now it's with BTS (duh) and well I got Jin because I was listening to his part in Just One Day and yeah. Who should the next member be? Requested tag(s); @CrystalBlunt [if you want to get tagged on the next one, let me know]
Omg I'm fangirling!!!!lol
Yeah that would be great :D I want to read all of them
do you have one for jimin?!
omg this was so 😍😍😍
I'm glad you guys like it c: @glostick @thePinkPrincess
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