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°•°•Seungri Shhhhh•°•°
Seungri is a brave maknae, and his hyungs do love him...
but sometimes Ri can get alittle out of bounds lol
Taeyang: *calmly tells Ri to shh* Seungri: COME AT ME , I ANIT AFRAID OF U GD: I'm so done with u rn (-_-)
GD: Dammit Ri it's my speaking time!!
Seungri already had a time to speak and now he stole Gd's #SeungriHasNoChill
Basically the rundown .... GD was like ^^^
And Seungri just ignore him and hit him with the ^^^ ~(^.^)~
Seungri is bae♡♡
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You just can't hate Seungri 💁🏻😂
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haha! kids now days are so cute.
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