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RWBY is an anime that has inferiority complexes, and since it's about warriors fighting for humanity, this is more important. Even the weak want to fight. The strong want to win. Everyone wants to live happily ever after.
This little girl is more determined than the others in most areas. She isn't driven by pay or pleasure, but by a wanting need to defend others. Quotes like this are what lead you to believe that she is a solemn serious girl (she's totally not)
Like few anime, RWBY has racism, or speciesism, that is really the cause of over half of this world's troubles. A simple want to be able to walk down the street lead to a terrorist group that could easily have never started.
The fact that knowledge plays a huge part in a series about fighting is beautiful to me. There is more to anything than swinging around a gun. Those who disregard knowledge, suffer for it.
Family names, like always, have their controlling roles. A child is trying to escape a tainted name. In order to do so then the rest of her life she will always be in danger. This is the life she chose.
Of course, this show is actually pretty funny. This socially awkward Ruby describes me so well <3
This is the appropriate response to bullying. You don't take it, your friends shouldn't take it. This is the helpful response.
padfoot77 it says I'm tired of being the lovable idiot.
hey did ruby new 3 volume, come out 2day.
what does the small text say in the first photo