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Green Green. One of the first anime I've ever watched. And the only reason I watched it is because I was too afraid to watch Girls Bravo at the time (I was a 7th grader). The plot made no sense and the characters were terrible. And apparently it's based off of some obscure hentai game of the same name. And don't get me started on the English dub. So, what's the worst obscure anime that you've ever watched?
I don't mind breast suckling it's a natural thing everyone experiences
ecchi like other have said is high school dxd, freezing, sekirei, to love ru, etc. I don't remember if heaven lost property or date a live has nudity but due to the content it's definitely ecchi. also note that high school dxd is probably the best out of the harem/ecchi genre right now so it might ruin all the others you watch after wards. except date a live. just my opinion though.
My brother actually owns that and says it is great! I am curious about all genres and subgenres of Anime culture because it is so vast and interesting but I don't think that in particular is up my ally (no pun intended). Thank you for the suggestion though I appreciate it ^.^ @ceaselesscoma
@ash2424701 @littlemaryk ecchi is NOT hentai. Hentai is porn. also ecchi isn't "softcore" hentai. ecchi is equivalent to an R to NC17 rating. the most you'll see in an ecchi are topless girls and a panty upskirt. whereas hentai it'll show everything, boobs, (blurred) vagina, and sex. hentai shows penetration or other sexual acts.
The Qwaser of Stigmata. The I'm guessing main character, gets his replenishment from breast milk therefore he sucks women's breats for power. Plus it was ridiculously perverted even outside of that tidbit. I mean I can tolerate a certain amount of perversion but it was over the top. I found out later that's what you call a hentai. To each their own, but it wasn't for me.
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