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You will need the following items for this spell: human head, old bones, some blood and a coldrent or cauldron With the human head cruch it and the put it in your coldrent. Then take the old bones and do the same thing. Then cut ur finger then put a few drops of ur blood. Then let that set for an hour when its done it should look like its water from the marshes and then put it in a viel then take it to a grave yard and smash it and then resit thes words Followers of the dead come to me rise with or with out your head
done,done,done, and I'm in jail
it must be the full head
I'm sure this is just a joke, but seriously you don't want to fool with blood spells. Don't open that door, you might not like what's on the other side.
Must it be a full head, or does it work with just the skull?