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This week I'm gonna focus on k-hiphop releases because that's my swag. Although I NEED to give it up to IU.....23 was UH-mazing. My slugbug and I danced to it for half an hour on repeat. But we also got down to this first MV like there was no tomorrow. The song was released a couple weeks ago but seeing him in the MV.....uhhhhh Beenzino has been doing it for me of late....he's like a 20 on the 10-scale children. So let's get on with it before I go on and on and on about Beenzino and his utter perfection.
BEENZINO__BREAK The song has this raw kind of jazz feel which just made my ears happy....THE DRUMS ARE LIFE. And hell this man is beyond amazing.
KIGGEN FT BASICK, JA MEZZ, & ESBEE__LETS GO OVER THE LINE Speaking of jazz....this track is jazzy and fun. I love the feel and the features. Its just good times.
SLEEPY FT BAEK A YEON__KIBUNTAT I may be crushing on Sleepy....he's so adorable and the collaboration tracks he's been putting out have been so chill and filling a void in my life.
ANDUP FT INCREDIVLE__ITS ME Laaaaaaaame that Incredivle was not featured in the MV and the song was cut butttttt I hafta admit I'm feeling this.
KITTIB FT MICRODOT & YDG__ 아슬아슬해 This beat, the features, and KittiB are the perfect storm. This track is HOTTT. It suited her so well. Match made in heaven....just can't get any better.
CODE KUNST FT OH HYUK & DOK2__PARACHUTE SOOOOOOOOOOO CHILL..... SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD. Oh Hyuk's voice is so smooooooth and haunting. It stays with you. And Dok2 showing off that versatility and artistry to the fullest. ITS JUST SO DAMN GOOD.
DEAN FT DOK2__I LOVE IT Double dose of Dok2 and I don't mind at all.....
VASCO FT C JAMM, BEWHY, KONSOUL, SCARY'P__FREEZE The way this track was anticipated.... I kind of thought it would be more turnt but I still like it. BEWHY.....he just surprises me. He changes up his flow and keeps it fresh. He was the spice in this track.
CHANGMO__VERSACE This song has been in my head all morning. Couldn't find it on YouTube but here's the soundcloud link →_→ VERSACE
R.E.D CREW__#RED This track is DOPE. I dunno who the second rapper is with the lip peircing but I like his flow. I WILL FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE, HOMIE.
This is the most serious turn up EVERRRRRRRR courtesy of my swag hamster. Hahahahahaha I love him! So hope y'all had a shitty week in order to properly appreciate the weekend └(^o^)┘ Side note....And I missed the Sunday Slow Jams playlist for last week but I shall be diligent in posting one tomorrow.
hurray! this is just what I need today!
@stevieq This week's releases have been AMAZING!! I'm basking in the awesomeness _(_^_)_>
언니....친차 사랑해요 I really love this and you know I've been jammin to beenzino and code kunst and I love me some sleepy but dean and dok2 got me like idk and changmo and vasco....I dont even know what to say