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Back Story Stuff: So, I have the Advent Children Version on my phone and my 4 year old son makes me play it ALL THE TIME. I don't know if I should feel proud or concerned with his taste in villainous music... jk jk I'm definitely proud ^.^ It is Amazing and intense but very much a journey. Both Versions are super cool.
Any Final Fantasy 7 fans out there?
It's the best~ Tidus and Yuna forever! Also I believe the remake is official! It was about time lol About picking our favorite FF, I believe most people choose their first FF games as their favorite just like you did. My first was 10 so that became my fav. Even though I love the 7 characters as much. Cloud, Vincent, Sephiroth and Genesis My good~
Right?! and dude FFX had one of the best storylines as well as characters, it was awesome. FFVII is like that also but it is just a classic for me because it was the first one I saw (only watched my older brothers play through the whole thing) I hear they are doing a remake...maybe this time it will actually happen lol. @rosepark
*high pitch* Sephiroth~ Sephiroth~ I need Genesis back! and Aerith back! and ALL OF THEM BACK! Also my favorite is FFX All hail Auron~
ohhhhhhhhhh yea for sure I can see that. My bfs favorite is FFVIII and that was his first also! Funny how that works on a psycological level. and YESSSSSS they both had the best and coolest characters, like I loved all of them diverse and interesting @RosePark