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Seventeen: Then and Now

Seventeen has changed so much since their debut in June. Let's take a moment to appreciate their transformations, no matter how slight some may be, and all agree it just got so much harder to pick a bias

Mingyu- He went from adorable to jaw-droppingly sexy and can switch to goofy at any second

Wonwoo- I just love his haircut now and despite his awesome rap skills and how he sounds so rough, he's an absolute sweetheart

Jeonghan- Where do I start? He's Seventeen's angel for crying out loud! But let me say, that when he first dyed his gorgeous locks I couldn't help but to shed a tear. Now I'm actually starting to like the different colors. Let's just hope he doesn't cut his hair shorter, but if he does I'll use it for my new weave!

Seungkwan- Still has the voice of an angel and still super adorable! Though I believe he's slimmed down some. Either way he's just so loveable

DK, Seokmin- I'm not even sure there's much to say for him. A picture is worth a thousand words after all

Woozi- Oh my gosh the feels! Woozi is just a sexy beast in the first picture, do you see that lip bite!? I'm dead. But he turned into this adorable cutie pie and it's made me like him even more. And his height just adds to his cuteness

S.Coups- Yes he originally had dark hair, but then he went blonde. And I'm so glad he went back to his dark hair, it looks so much better on him

Vernon, Hansol- Halfer or not, can we all agree that Vernon is not only an amazing rapper but extremely handsome too?

Hoshi- Still the quirky choreographer that he is, but he's stopped wearing his headbands, even though I don't have a picture of him wearing one. Sorry about that

Joshua- A gentleman as always, I was shocked when he first died his hair though I liked the change

The 8- Didn't we used to compare his hair to one of those cones of shaved ice? Well not anymore! He's sticking to one color for now and changed up his hair, but either way he's still an amazing B-boy

Jun- If you thought this old hairstyle was long, then you'd be shocked when he was first debuted. But with time he's cut it and I'm liking the fact that he can't have his face hidden by his hair

Dino- Although he's the youngest, he isn't any less attractive than anyone else. I think he may have changed the most and within such a short period of time too

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