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soo finally I have an 100% established bias list for Ikon of course bobby has been my main love once I took the time to get to know them all I seriously fell in love so here's my list (its figured out now): 1. Bobby (the death of me) 2.Jinwhan(hes too perfect for words) 3. B.I & Junhoe (too hard to choose between them lol)
Jinwhan is seriously the biggest bias wrecker♡♡ if bobby wasnt in the group he would be my number one. and Junhoe's voice....♥♡♥
@Marilovexoxo lol!! So many creepers,lol!!!
@keshabarkulis3 lol hanbin is a creeper keeps trying to creep his way back into second place but jinhwan isnt going anywhere
ok 1.Bobby 2.Hanbin 3.Jinwan/Junhoe so hard to choose!!! Donghyuk is a creeper tho,trying to confuse things with hia cute self lol!!!
Bobby is my life ❤❤❤
Yes!! Bobby will always be my #1 of the group hes too much for me and his rapping ughhhh he needs to stop