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hello my potatoes I need ideas to make a wonderful video ND post it here on vingle comment below the cutest ship you know these are just some random photos that will be included in the video I also need a song selection
Ichigo and Orihime
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@Thatperson512 I'll try to put those in there thank you
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@Thatperson512 Coolio :)
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Meh... Sasuke and Sakura are good together, but I wouldn't say the best ship or favorite (Because Sasuke makes everything difficult). Simon and Nia are lovely. And although it hasn't been shown yet (But I know it's there!!!), Luffy and Nami. Those hinttssssss. It's just the show has very little romance so it will never show until there's an Epilogue of sorts. 馃槶
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if you want I'll add the ships in the video @Menarie
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