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so the gambit movie is coming soon, and i absolutely hate that channing tatum is going to be gambit. he has nothing similar! so im going to start a discussion on who could play gambit better
I think that Lucas Black would be a perfect Gambit. 1. he has the accent down from his role in NCIS: New Orleans 2. he doesnt really look far off from comic book Gambit 3. he will rock the outfit! 4.he is a great actor that i think would be good in a movie like Gambit So who do you think would be a better Gambit then Channing Tatum?
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@toomanyFANDOMS lol you're not the only one. Who would you prefer instead?
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update (1/3/16) i really am trying to keep an open mind, but its so hard..
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@ChildOfSparda13 fair enough. They're holding back all the promo material right now so it's hard t really imagine I think
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