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Where to move..
Things here where I live are just so stressful and I really can't deal with rude people here anymore so I'm thinking of moving. Texas is one of the places. I was born and grew up here until I was 17 when I moved to Oklahoma. Now I kinda want to go here but kinda don't, nothing was going for me there so that's why I moved, which is kinda how I feel about Oklahoma right now!
Then there is Colorado, this place has been on my mind. It's beautiful there. I love all the nature parks there and it looks really pretty to live here.
Florida has always been interesting to me, I love the beautiful beaches and things like that. But I kinda feel like I wouldn't fit in there cause I'm so pasty white hahaha!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ jk jk
Montana is another beautiful place! And this has been on my mind too, I just think to live here would be amazing!
Then there California! The place where all my kpop idols seem to go to! So why wouldn't I want to move here?!?!? No it does have amazing places, some scary places, and completely beautiful scenery! Though they do it earthquake a lot it kinda puts me off, but I still think this would be an amazing place to live... If y'all could move to another state where would it be and why??
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I live in Texas now but if given the chance I'd go to Cali. It has the college I really wanted to attend (4yrs ago but still XD) and there's a lot of opportunities for what I really want to do. Its expensive af though.
Yeah, my soon to be sister in law moved to Texas from Cali and she says its so much cheaper here. Lol
At some point in a person's life they get tired of living in the same place. For me I'm tired of living in Florida, but I think it's mainly because the city I'm in is just awful and boring. You have a lot of great choices. Good Luck!