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Leave comments and tell your stories I'm a big fan of this game series and I'd like to hear and share my stories !
Played DS1 for a bit... I died a lot... I mean a lot a lot... first time in a long time a game made me rage quit, had to play some Skyrim to calm myself down. :p
I've been playing for a couple of years, but never was I able to beat Ornstein and Smough on my first run until a few days ago. It was so intense!
Dark Souls 2: SOTFS; I was invading in iron keep and kept ending up in fight clubs until about the 6th club about halfway through the fight both invaders and the host turned on me and killed me. I invaded again with santiers spear and killed all three of them. Then the host sent me a message saying I was a bitch and I was hacking and that he reported me for cheating. about a week later after reporting him for false reporting I received a message from Xbox saying that they had punished a past user I reported. I checked the hosts gamercard and his bio and everything said code of conduct, turns out he was banned for a week for false reports on players and threatening to ddos them.
Dark Souls 1, I invaded some kid in the forest and he had modded health, so another person invaded and the blue invader also had nodded health. he messaged me telling me that this guy(host) was farming invaders nd that he had come back to end his farming bs. so the blue and I took turns backstabbing the host with bleed damage and eventually killed him.
oh wait that's right i was using a black night great sword that was plus 3
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