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My K-Pop Halloween Playlist πŸŽƒπŸŽΆ

Romeo [Park Jung Min] ~ Give Me Your Heart I can't believe no one has had this song on their playlist yet! Creepy settings, rotting food, blood how much more Halloween can you get?
Lyn ft. Leo of VIXX ~ Blossom Tears It's beautiful and heartbreaking. And creepy. Leo I love you but you seriously scare the crap outta me sometimes.
SHINee ~ Evil Song is seriously awesome and the live dance are you kidding me?! Dancing Blindfolded! I can't walk a straight line blindfolded.
INFINITE ~ Monster Time Granted this is a fanmade video but it's still got some pretty creepy elements. I think there was a video but Woolim is being dumb. I'm mad at Woolim Entertainment right now... they made all their artist videos on youtube unavailable so I can't watch them anymore... WTF?! I was going to add BTD 'cause the mv kinda reminds me of the hunger games lol, and Paradise 'cause it's dream like and kinda spooky. At least to me it is but I love it.
BEAST ~ Shadow I love the creepy artistic elements, especially the dancers. I know a lot of you have this song on your playlists too but I had to add my boys!
Epik High ~ Don't Hate Me LOL it's more creepy cute and if you haven't seen it watch it!
2NE1 ~ It Hurts It's sad and forlorn like the halloween season can be. I never saw the mv until recently looking it up (for Soo Hyuk) and the vibe fits Halloween to a T. Plus it has my bae Lee Soo Hyuk in it! Swoon I want a hug too! *sorry that has nothing to do with halloween kindly ignore my nonsense*
Rainbow ~ Black Swan The insanity of the black swan strikes again! Their vocals in the song have a kind of eerie vibe too.
A-Jax ~ Insane Lol so much insanity in my card! The mv is trippy. So I tried to pick the songs I like that have a eerier vibe that others haven't had on their cards, because what fun is it if we all list the same songs? Plus everyone else covered them so well there's no need for me to do it again. Thank you all you wonderful people! @Mattk95 @jiggzy19 Its not as extensive and awesome as your lists but here's mine!! Hope ya'll like it!
tag me:)
Awesome list! I can't believe I forgot about "Give Me Your Heart" 0.0 I'm glad you added it though :)
I found the Epic High song after I made my playlist. I am glad you put it on yours. I loved the song and the music video was funny.
Awsome playlist!!
I miss PJM ;( can't stop thinking about him
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